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Category:  Quint
2012 Pierce 100ft. Quint SkyArm 200/300/25 (Q0893)
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• Arrow XT Custom Chassis w/ac
• Six Man Cab
• Five SCBA seats
• 100' Pre piped Aerial w/air to tip
• Aluminum body
• Detroit 500hp
• Jacobs brake
• Allison Gen IV 4000 EVS transmission
• Oshkosh TAK-4 front axle
• Ground ladders
• Pike poles
• SCBA bottle storage over rear wheels
• Sliding tool trays
• Slide out compartment trays
• LED emergency light package
• Traffic directing light bar
• Federal Q2B siren
• Fire Com head sets
• Absolutely beautiful truck
• This truck is in near new condition
• Truck comes with a aerial certificate
• Waterous 2000 gpm single stage pump
• 300 gallon poly tank
• Husky 12 single agent foam system
• 25 gallon foam cell
• Two 1.75? Crosslays
• One 2.5? Crosslay
• One 1.75? Bumper line
• Harrison 20kw hydraulic generator
• Electric cord reel w/junction box
• Kwik Raze Scene lights
• Mileage 18,534
• Length overall 46' 4.5?
• Bumper to bumper 42' 8.5?
• Height 12' 5?
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Dealer Information:
Fenton Fire Equipment Inc.
Jim Campbell
1st Responder Wireless
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