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In the Line of Duty
Thomas Albert Cannon, 63 - Attleboro, MA
William F. Brinza III, 64 -Grove, OK
Mark A. Graziano, 47 - Hudson, NY
Thelonious “Theo” Adams, 54 - Las Vegas, NV
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Thomas Albert Cannon, 63 - Attleboro, MA
Name: Thomas Albert Cannon Rank: Firefighter Age: 63 Gender: Male Status: Career Years of Service: 30 Date of Incident: 05/13/2018 Time of Incident: 0730hrs Date of Death: 05/14/2018 Fire Department: Attleboro Fire Department Address: 100 Union ST, Attleboro, MA 02703-2905 Fire Department Chief: Scott T. Lachance Incident Description: On May 13, 2018, Firefighter Thomas Albert Cannon went into cardiac arrest at the beginning of his shift while performing truck and equipme....more
William F. Brinza III, 64 -Grove, OK
Name: William F. Brinza III Rank: Firefighter Age: 64 Gender: Male Status: Volunteer Years of Service: 9 Date of Incident: 05/12/2018 Time of Incident: 1430hrs Date of Death: 05/12/2018 Fire Department: Cowskin Rural Fire District Address: 25891 S 655 RD POB 6506, Grove, OK 74344-6506 Fire Department Chief: Monty Hackler Incident Description: Firefighter William F. Brinza III responded to a reported structure fire near Elk River Marina. While still in the driver seat shor....more
Mark A. Graziano, 47 - Hudson, NY
Name: Mark A. Graziano Rank: Firefighter Age: 47 Gender: Male Status: Volunteer Years of Service: 33 Date of Incident: 05/08/2018 Time of Incident: 1941hrs Date of Death: 05/09/2018 Fire Department: City of Hudson Department of Fire Address: 520 Warren ST, Hudson, NY 12534-2802 Fire Department Chief: Fire Commissioner Timothy Hutchings Incident Description: Firefighter Mark A. Graziano was found unresponsive at his residence after responding to two emergency calls during....more
Thelonious “Theo” Adams, 54 - Las Vegas, NV
Name: Thelonious “Theo” Adams Rank: Captain Age: 54 Gender: Male Status: Career Years of Service: 13 Date of Incident: 10/31/2003 Time of Incident: 2309hrs Date of Death: 05/01/2018 Fire Department: Las Vegas Fire & Rescue Address: 500 N Casino Center BLVD, Las Vegas, NV 89101-2944 Fire Department Chief: William McDonald Incident Description: Captain Thelonious “Theo” Adams succumbed to injuries sustained as a passenger in a fire apparatus rollover in October of 2003. Ada....more
Michael Godzak, 60 - Webster, PA
Name: Michael Godzak Rank: First Captain Age: 60 Gender: Male Status: Volunteer Years of Service: 48 Date of Incident: 04/29/2018 Time of Incident: Pending Date of Death: 04/29/2018 Fire Department: Rostraver Township Volunteer Fire Department #1 Address: 952 PA-906 POB 303, Webster, PA 15087-0303 Fire Department Chief: Rick Maglet Incident Description: While operating a fire engine as it returned to the station from a fire call, First Captain Michael Godzak died from a ....more
Jeffrey Holt, 60 - Lawrence, IN
Name: Jeffrey Holt Rank: Firefighter Age: 60 Gender: Male Status: Career Years of Service: 18 Date of Incident: 04/30/2018 Time of Incident: 1000hrs Date of Death: 04/30/2018 Fire Department: Lawrence Fire Department Address: 9001 E 59TH ST, Lawrence, IN 46216 Fire Department Chief: Dino Batalis Incident Description: Firefighter Jeffrey Holt collapsed from an apparent heart attack just after passing an annual physical assessment at Lawrence Fire Department Station 38. Ac....more
Philip H. Neubich, 69 - Spooner, WI
Name: Philip H. Neubich Rank: Firefighter Age: 69 Gender: Male Status: Volunteer Years of Service: 38 Date of Incident: 04/24/2018 Time of Incident: 2319hrs Date of Death: 04/25/2018 Fire Department: Spooner Fire District Department Address: P.O. Box 548, Spooner, WI 54801 Fire Department Chief: Darren Vik Incident Description: On April 24, 2018, at 2319hrs, Firefighter Philip H. Neubich responded to the fire station when his fire department was paged out for a gas leak i....more
Anthony Colacino, 33 - Jamestown, CA
Name: Anthony Colacino Rank: Inmate Firefighter Trainee Age: 33 Gender: Male Status: Wildland Part-Time Years of Service: <1 Date of Incident: 04/21/2018 Time of Incident: 0700hrs Date of Death: 04/21/2018 Fire Department: Sierra Conservation Center - California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Address: 5100 O'Byrnes Ferry Road, Jamestown, CA 95327 Fire Department Chief: Acting Warden Hunter Anglea Incident Description: Inmate Firefighter Trainee Anthony Cola....more
Herbert Tyler "Butch" Wilcox, 77 - Rocky Mount, VA
Name: Herbert Tyler "Butch" Wilcox Rank: Firefighter Age: 77 Gender: Male Status: Volunteer Years of Service: 57 Date of Incident: 04/18/2018 Time of Incident: 1605hrs Date of Death: 04/19/2018 Fire Department: Rocky Mount Volunteer Fire Department Address: 1205 North Main Street, Rocky Mount, VA 24151 Fire Department Chief: Jeff Rakes Incident Description: Firefighter Wilcox responded to two fire calls on April 18, 2018, one at 1300hrs and a brush fire at 1605hrs. After r....more
Adam Taylor, 30 - Bainbridge, GA
Name: Adam Taylor Rank: Firefighter Age: 30 Gender: Male Status: Career Years of Service: 6 Date of Incident: 03/30/2018 Time of Incident: 2300hrs Date of Death: 03/30/2018 Fire Department: Decatur County Fire Rescue Address: 404 4th Ramp, Bainbridge, GA 39817 Fire Department Chief: Charlie McCann Incident Description: Late in the evening of his scheduled shift and after conducting search and rescue drills in full protective gear including SCBA, Firefighter Adam Taylor b....more
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