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In the Line of Duty
Allen Charles Howard, 49 - Adrian, MI
Trenton Martin Johnson, 19 - Merlin, OR
Robert Spinner, 50-Lynden, WA
John Kemper, 59-St. Louis, MO
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Allen Charles Howard, 49 - Adrian, MI
Name: Allen Charles Howard Rank: Firefighter Age: 49 Gender: Male Status: Volunteer Years of Service: 20 Date of Incident: 07/17/2017 Time of Incident: 1900hrs Date of Death: 07/18/2017 Fire Department: Adrian Charter Township Fire Department Address: 2889 Tipton HWY, Adrian, MI 49221-9218 Fire Department Chief: Tim Bartenslager Incident Description: Firefighter Howard responded with his fire department to a mutual aid fire call in a field involving bailing equipment and ....more
Trenton Martin Johnson, 19 - Merlin, OR
Name: Trenton Martin Johnson Rank: Firefighter Age: 19 Gender: Male Status: Career Years of Service: 1 month Date of Incident: 7/19/2017 Time of Incident: 17000hrs Date of Death: 07/19/2017 Fire Department: Grayback Forestry, Inc. Address: 1150 Ort Lane, Merlin, OR 97532-0838 Fire Department Chief: President Michael Wheelock Incident Description: While part of a 20-person crew staging an initial attack on a forest fire in the Sealy Ranger District of the Lolo National F....more
Robert Spinner, 50-Lynden, WA
Name: Robert Spinner Rank: Interim Fire Chief Age: 50 Gender: Male Status: Career Years of Service: 25 Date of Incident: 07/14/2017 Time of Incident: 1200hrs Date of Death: 07/14/2017 Fire Department: Lynden Fire Department Address: 215 4TH ST, Lynden, WA 98264-1903 Fire Department Chief: Acting Fire Chief Brandon Brink Incident Description: Incident Description: Interim Fire Chief Robert Spinner died from an apparent heart attack while on-duty and participating in a fire....more
John Kemper, 59-St. Louis, MO
Name: John Kemper Rank: Fire Captain Age: 59 Gender: Male Status: Career Years of Service: 24 Date of Incident: 07/05/2017 Time of Incident: 0236hrs Date of Death: 07/12/2017 Fire Department: St. Louis Fire Department Address: 1421 N. Jefferson, St. Louis, MO 63106 Fire Department Chief: Dennis Jenkerson Incident Description: Fire Captain John Kemper was injured while battling a structure fire at 3622 Pennsylvania AVE on the morning of July 5, 2017. Kemper was transported....more
Frank Anaya, 22-Sacramento, CA
Name: Frank Anaya Rank: Inmate Firefighter Age: 22 Gender: Male Status: Wildland Part-Time Years of Service: <1 Date of Incident: 07/05/2017 Time of Incident: 1330hrs Date of Death: 07/11/2017 Fire Department: CAL FIRE Address: PO Box 944246, 1416 9th Street, Sacramento, CA 94244-2460 Fire Department Chief: Director Ken Pimlott Incident Description: Inmate Firefighter Frank Anaya was treated on scene and taken to the hospital in critical condition on July 5, 2017, after s....more
William "Bill" Jaros, Eureka, CA
Name: William "Bill" Jaros Rank: Fire Engine Operator Age: 38 Gender: Male Status: Wildland Full-Time Years of Service: 12 Date of Incident: 07/08/2017 Time of Incident: 1315hrs Date of Death: 07/08/2017 Fire Department: Six Rivers National Forest - Gasquet Ranger District/Smith River National Recreation Area Address: 1330 Bayshore Way, Eureka, CA 95501 Fire Department Chief: Acting Forest Supervisor Michael Green Incident Description: Fire Engine Operator William "Bill" ....more
Ronda Sylvest Varnado, Franklinton, LA
Name: Ronda Sylvest Varnado Rank: Firefighter Age: 54 Gender: Female Status: Volunteer Years of Service: 6 Date of Incident: 07/06/2017 Time of Incident: 2030hrs Date of Death: 07/06/2017 Fire Department: Washington Parish Fire Protection District #2 Address: 41280 Highway 10, Franklinton, LA 70438 Fire Department Chief: Larry Sylvest Incident Description: Firefighter Ronda Sylvest Varnado was driving a fully loaded water truck responding to the scene of a residential fir....more
John C. Cammack, Nara Visa, NM
Name: John C. Cammack Rank: Firefighter Age: 74 Gender: Male Status: Volunteer Years of Service: 29+ Date of Incident: 06/21/2017 Time of Incident: 1740hrs Date of Death: 06/22/2017 Fire Department: Nara Visa Fire Department Address: 25 S 4th St POB 303, Nara Visa, NM 88430 Fire Department Chief: Gary Girard Incident Description: On Wednesday, June 21, 2017, while attempting to fill tankers on a wildland firefight involving several local fire departments, Firefighter John....more
Jeffery Mason Sanders, Mayview, MO
Name: Jeffery Mason Sanders Rank: Firefighter Age: 55 Gender: Male Status: Volunteer Years of Service: 32 Date of Incident: 06/19/2017 Time of Incident: 1718hrs Date of Death: 06/19/2017 Fire Department: Mayview Fire Protection District Address: 500 W Orchard ST, Mayview, MO 64071-8213 Fire Department Chief: Kris White Incident Description: Firefighter Jeffery Mason Sanders was killed and another firefighter was injured when they were struck by a privately owned vehicle w....more
Edward Switalski, Comstock, MI
Name: Edward Switalski Rank: Chief Age: 55 Gender: Male Status: Career Years of Service: 30 Date of Incident: 06/14/2017 Time of Incident: 2230hrs Date of Death: 06/14/2017 Fire Department: Comstock Township Department of Fire & Rescue Address: P.O. Box 8, Comstock, MI 49401 Fire Department Chief: Deputy Chief Matt Beauchamp Incident Description: Chief Edward Switalski responded with the Comstock Township Department of Fire & Rescue to a reported motor vehicle accident ....more
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