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Firefighter Mental Health Workshop
  Palmetto, FL July 26, 2018
Palmetto, Fla. —July 26, 2018— North River Fire District is hosting a workshop for our members, active and retired, and other interested parties in the community focusing on the mental health well-being of our firefighters and first responders.

As you know the recent first responder PTSD workers’ compensation law is a HUGE step in helping us, however one must be first diagnosed with PTSD, for specific events, for those benefits to kick in. We’re taking a more proactive approach here to try and help our members cope with and even shed the effects of repeated exposure to traumatic events. Most often our members don’t even realize they are being changed by the job.

North River Fire District Firefighter/First Responder Mental Health Workshop
July 26, 2018 (2 sessions) 0830-1200 & 1330-1700 hrs
Feld Entertainment (all purpose room, security will direct you)
800 Feld Way
Palmetto, FL 34221

All active North River Firefighters will be attending. All retired North River Firefighters have been invited. Representatives from all Manatee County Fire Districts will be there as well as Manatee County EMS.

Presenting will be:
Tiffany Kline – Occupational Health Nurse Supervisor Tampa Fire Rescue
Jeff Dirling – Training/Safety officer North River Fire District
Kelvin Foster – North River Fire District Chaplain
Robin Richardson – Licensed Psychotherapist
Sophia Cayer – EFT Founding Master (Tapping)
Tari Allan – Centerstone Trauma service manager

We are trying to build a model for others to use to help us form this pro-active approach. Much like the medical world, we believe that prevention is the key. A lot of the great work that has been done is a response to those who have been diagnosed and affected by PTSD. While we have tools in place to deal with that issue, we are going a step further to try and prevent our members from being affected by PTSD. We are going beyond the standard EAP.

“Firefighters and first responders are exposed to situations daily that meet the criteria for PTSD. If left untreated, it will build inside leading to changes in behavior and attitude. This is one reason why the instance of firefighter and first responder suicide is rising at an alarming rate. We must take steps immediately to help our first responder community maintain mental health fitness leading to a happier, healthier life.” Captain Jeff Dirling, Training/Safety Officer North River Fire District.

Thank you to the presenters listed above for the donation of their time and effort in supporting this campaign. Also thank you to Feld Entertainment for donating the space in their facility to host this workshop.
Website: www.nrfd.org
Contact Person: North River Fire District

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